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About Us - Money Mastery for Teens

Meet Camilla Mendoza

Prosperity Ambassador

Camilla Mendoza is a dynamic facilitator, public speaker, small business mentor and life coach with a passion for helping people gain financial independence. As a mother of two, Camilla is keenly aware of how the habits and attitudes that develop during the teen years directly impact the rest of a young person’s life. Like many of us, she has witnessed first hand the negative impact that bad spending habits developed in younger years can have on a person’s entire life. Deeply concerned about the lack of financial education young people receive from the school system, their parents and the wider community, Camilla has made it her mission to change the story for young people just starting their lives. Knowing how crucial it is for teens to be set up for a healthy relationship with money long term, Camilla has created specialised programs that build solid ‘money sense’ in teenagers.

“Teenagers need guidance on how to manage their money. Many are earning quite substantial sums already, so the earlier good saving and spending habits are instilled in them, the better.” – Camilla Mendoza

The journey to now... A former mortgage broker with a decades-long history working in corporate sectors as well as running her own successful businesses, Camilla has spent years working with people on their finances. She noticed that women especially, sometimes felt intimidated and apathetic around money, and even felt trapped due to an uncertain financial position. This led Camilla to create an information resource containing everything women needed to know in order to build a positive financial future. This resource was the first of Camilla’s Money Mastery courses – Money Mastery for Women. With extensive training as a Business Mentor, Camilla currently works with both private clients and small business owners, teaching them the strategies to gain and maintain control of their finances so they can assure the prosperity of their business long-term. She regularly holds workshops teaching practical and useful tools to help people of all ages understand and manage their money – the latest being her Money Mastery for Teens workshop. Camilla is thrilled to be part of the journey to wealth for both women and now junior entrepreneurs alike.  

This is Ronny Koch

Prosperity Ambassador

Ronny is a concerned man for the future, especially now with a new daughter. He is looking to change the financial outlook for the youth of today through his drive and knowledge.

Professional Background

With a degree in Business Administration and a major in Controlling,  Ronny started his career as a financial analyst in 2003 for T-Systems, the IT and telecommunications arm of Deutsche Telekom, in the North American market. He gained hands-on financial experience in the area of financial controlling and system analysis by becoming responsible for the ERP system within the North American entity. His duties included  implementation of finance and controlling back-office processes, invoicing, time tracking, and project management.  Three years later, in 2006, he took over responsibility for the back-office team for the Systems Integration segment of the entire North American market

In 2007 Ronny returned to Germany and became a team member of  Commercial Controlling and the Global Business Leader for the consulting segment of Software AG, Germanys second largest software company. In this role he worked on annual group budgeting and forecasting within the global consultancy segment.  This role was primarily spent analyzing key performance indicators such as project profitability and profit and loss according to total cost and cost of sales formats, profitability analysis, cost and profit center contribution and margin calculations.  Supporting the company’s many subsidiaries at monthly, quarterly and annual closing was a big part of his daily routine as was the implementation of a global ERP system within the area of consulting processes, such as time tracking, expense reporting, and project based costing and billing as well as subsequent processes of project

In late 2013 Ronny was transferred to Stockholm, and given the role of Financial Director, overseeing the entire back-office team of Software AG’s subsidiaries based in the Nordics.


Ronny is a structure-and-system-based ‘figures’ person, constantly looking for ways to optimize systems and processes.  His idea of a good time is working on an Excel spreadsheet whilst crunching numbers,  primarily in his head!   He has an engaging demeanor and enjoys motivating his team to ever increasing levels of performance.  His goal is to turn the job of accounting, now seen by many as a one-sided and dull job, into the 21st century by making it more interesting and exciting.

His expertise, especially in the area of business modeling and forecasting, is greatly sought after by colleagues around the globe.  Ronny is delighted to be living in Sweden and his intention is to remain here for as long as possible.


Introducing Carl Huybers

Prosperity Ambasador

Carl’s passion is to have people and businesses learn from others. Why make mistakes others have already learnt from? Therefore, the platform of Money Mastery for Teens is very important to him.

"Through this education, we can help the individual young adults and as a consequence help the future of nations!"
Carl has gained a diversity of experience achieved through working with major companies in Australia including some international brands such as Kraft and SC Johnson.
His corporate experience covers, retail store management, account management and rising to National Sales Manager and executive board member as his ‘job’.
Finally, he broke free and became self-employed as a successful finance broker for 11 years. Winning a number of awards and acting as an industry mentor for more than 8 years. During much of this time he was the president of a large Traders association gaining an understanding of many and varied businesses. It is important to him give back.

He moved onto a ‘Life’ and ‘Business’ coaching business for a number of years. Continuing to assist many businesses improve both their top line and bottom line. Now as the CEO of Mad Scientist Digital and part owner of a couple of other companies he is happy to share his knowledge and experience.

Carl loves to learn, attending many conferences and workshops, reading (mostly listening to) many business and personal development books.

So what does that mean for YOU? Tap into the lessons learned from the failures and successes. Through the programs we are developing, you will find the knowledge and peace, outside your personal whirlwind, to make changes and decisions that will support you now and into the future.

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